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  • Feifei Gilbert

Verse for Today...


I wrote this [poem] by being inspired by God's BIG Plan. In Genesis 50:20 it says, "Even though you intended to harm me, God intended it only for good, and through me, He preserved the lives of countless people, as He is still doing today." Even during this time of the dreaded pandemic. Hope you enjoy!


The Cherubim of Eden

a poem by Feifei Gilbert

I was given one job to do, just one.

Guard the garden of Eden,” He said.

I stood there mighty under the sun,

I’m a cherubim, two wings and a lion’s head.

The Cherubim of Eden.

Heaven and Earth collided into a lovely land,

The place of the tree of good and evil.

A land delivered by God’s hand.

The home of the first two people.

The Cherubim of Eden.

The wind wrapped around my lion mane,

A soft blanket of silk and cotton.

Behind me lay a worming lane,

That led into the garden never to be forgotten.

The Cherubim of Eden.

I stood at the edge of the fruitful land.

When a foul creature slithered up to me.

A creature that was not the work of God’s hand.

I didn’t understand what I could see.

The Cherubim of Eden.

I tried to stop it from coming into the garden,

Surely this creature is pure evil.

But it slithered past me without a pardon.

It went down the path toward the people.

The Cherubim of Eden.

Man and Woman listened to the serpent,

I had failed God, I had failed humans.

I was to be punished and to be a servant.

But nothing came, was this an illusion?

The Cherubim of Eden.

For God had never intended for this to be the end.

God’s stubborn love, so deep, so raw,

A Saviour, His Son He will send.

And I will proclaim it, more is in store.

The Cherubim of Eden.

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